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Beard Transplant

How is it done?

Many men consider beard and moustache to be complementary for the aesthetic appearance. While many men are fine without it, others wish they had the chance to grow out a full beard, to enhance their facial features.

We offer beard and moustache transplant in Turkey to patients who can’t grow facial hairs due to different number of reasons like hereditary reasons or skin trauma. Some of the most common causes include alopecia, ringworm (skin infection), injury, scarring, burns, chemotherapy, stress and anxiety.

Beard and moustache transplantation is a procedure preferred as much as hair transplantation for many men who have experienced facial hair loss and men who have thin facial hair due to genetic reasons. This surgery uses the technique of FUE to restore hair around the beard and moustache zones.

Painless Period Begins in Beard Transplantation

How is beard and moustache transplant performed?

FUE technique is used as in hair transplantation. The basic principles are the same, but it needs to be planned differently. A detailed examination of the face is required to determine the number of grafts required for the treated area. The hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, back of the scalp. After this, the extracted grafts are transplanted on the patchy bald portions of the beard or mustache and it may be on the upper lip, chin, jaw area. sideburn. It is of upmost importance to consider the angle of implantation, the depth and the direction of the hair in order to achieve a natural look and the best possible results. Depending on the number of grafts to be implanted, the process takes approximately 3-4 hours to perform.

Beard and moustache transplantation give very successful results grows and is usually treated in one single session. The transplanted hair naturally like other facial hair with the same quality and characteristics. Moreover, the transplanted hair can be shaved or trimmed. Our experienced medical team is exceedingly practiced in this field and aims to give you the most realistic and natural results.

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